Throughout history



In 1437, Jean Benaston, lord of « la Goronière » is having noble rights on a village named « La Robelinais ». In 1497, Jehan de le Roche is squire of « La Robelinière ».

During the following centuries,  the estate of « La Robelinière » belongs to several families and in 1739 to François René de Vaugirard, lord of Rosnais and Logerie and then to his direct descendant.


Sold at the end of the 18 th century, by François-Emmanuel du Bousquet viscount of Saint Padoux to a famous chivalrous family named « de Rorthays » - family which took an active part to the Vendée insurrection as much as to the French Revolution - the estate « la Roblinière » finally falls to Céline de Rortays and her husband Hercule de Graslin which was a national-famous entomologist (1802-1888).

Their son, Adolphe de Graslin will marry Blanche Stellaye de Bagneux de Coursival in 1872 and together they decide to built the manor of L’Eolière on the grounds of « La Robelinière ».


Formerly used as an hunting lodge, the manor will then successively be inhabited by the Countess Odette de Graslin during the twentieth century and by the Count Gérard De Mazenod till 2011. After his death, the manor will be for sale.

In August 2013, Céline and Etienne CHAILLOT bought the manor. This place was important to Etienne, since many of his ancestors have been employed here. For example, his great uncle worked as steward and his grand father was a driver.